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What Is An Incentive Board?


An interactive incentive game designed to motivate participants into taking a desired action. Incentive Boards are available in Dry Erase with Tokens or Scratch Off. 

(16" x 24" with 25, 30 or 50 spots)

 (24" x 32" with 25, 30 or 50 spots)

How Do Incentive Boards Work?


Display your Incentive Board in a highly visible location, providing maximum exposure. When your objective is met you reward the participant(s) with an opportunity to pick a spot. The spot will either be scratched off or signed depending on which version of the game they are participating in. 

Why Incorporate Incentive Boards?


Incentive Boards are fun to play and create excitement! 

Dry Erase Gallery


Dry Erase Incentive Boards are very popular for employee incentive programs. They are functional, versatile and keep your goals visual.

Scratch Off Gallery


Our Scratch Off Incentive Board with 50 customized spots is the most popular version and widely used for a variety of applications.    

Bonus Incentive Boards


Bonus Boards put a unique twist on our Traditional 50 scratch off spot Incentive Boards.

Specialty Incentive Boards


Looking to add a little more excitement. Check out our Specialty Incentive Boards. 

Pick & Win Dry Erase Incentive Boards


Pick & Win is a simple and inexpensive way to motivate your staff.  Pick & Win Incentive Boards have numbered spots with a place to sign a name. When the goal is met allow the participants to pick and sign one of the numbered spots. Once all spots have been picked, pull tokens from the bag to reveal the winning numbers. YOU determine the prizes and how many are awarded. 

Incentive Board Stands


Counter top stands are fitted for both Scratch Off and Dry Erase Incentive Boards

Incentive Board Applications


The applications are endless and vary from raising money for charity to increasing productivity. Here is where you will find some of the most popular applications. 

Incentive Board Prize Ideas


You have decided on an application for your Incentive Board and now it is time to think about what to put behind the scratch off.

Incentive Board Pricing


Our dedicated staff will guide you through the process from concept to completion.


Roger Scholfield, Scholfield Honda

"In the first 90 days on the program, we went from 52 to 105 referrals for the same time period from the previous year"

Chris Potenza, Gateway Marketing

"The Incentive Boards that we incorporate into our employee incentive programs are constantly rated a favorite program by the employee's and management. Productivity levels increase, our clients revenue increases, which makes everybody happy and we look like heroes!"

Denise Etris, A.S.I.T.

"We recently implemented Incentive Boards in all our member facilities. It has put a new spark into the enthusiasm of our safety program."

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