Incentive Board Applications



While the majority of applications require a level of performance. This application requires the participant to be the best of the best. For example, the salesman of the week application provides the weekly top salesman a chance to scratch off a spot and win up to $500.


The product application encourages the sell of a product. In this case auto dealers are providing an incentive for the sales people to sell accessories.



The test drive application requires participants to take a test drive and in return receive an incentive for doing so. This type of promotional application is effective whether taking test drives or driving traffic to an event.

 (Some additional ideas include - Time Shares, Trade Shows, MLM Meetings)


The Big Prize Boards are always exciting and create a frenzy. The Bingo example is one of our favorites. Bingo halls reward players with the chance to scratch the Big Prize Board after winning a bingo game. This application is also great for big events with attendees randomly picked for a chance to win a big prize.  



The fundraiser application is fun and rewards participants with a prize for the donation made. 


The goal of this fundraiser application is to sell all 50 donor spots before scratching off and revealing who has won the Grand Prize. The application is great for charity events or auctions. 



To say this application is entertaining is an understatement. The board was designed to encourage a husband to get his chores done lol


Positive reinforcement and fun is the goal. The board was designed to reward good behavior. Prizes included Date Night With Dad, Cold Stone Ice Cream, Stay Up 1 Hr Late, Etc.



The application rewards the first 50 attendees with a door prize.


The application rewards Grand Opening attendees.



Born out of the auto industry in 1996. The referral application was the first Incentive Board. The referral application generates excitement and is a constant reminder of the importance of referral business.  


Traditional referral programs will offer a $100 for a referral who purchases a vehicle. The programs are out of sight, out of mind and soon forgotten by most customers. In the example shown the average pay out is $100 with a chance to win $1,000! The referral application is also a great BONUS to any referral program.