Pick & Win Dry Erase Incentive Boards


Pick & Win Incentive Boards have numbered spots with a place to sign a name. When the goal is met allow the participants to pick and sign one of the numbered spots. Once all spots have been picked, pull tokens from the bag to reveal the winning numbers. YOU determine the prizes and how many are awarded.

Pick & Win Examples


The goal of every incentive program is to create a burning desire to perform. Our Pick & Win Dry Erase Incentive Boards accomplish the task by keeping your goals visual while creating fun and excitement! Pick & Win will help you accomplish your goals whether it is to improve production or sell old inventory, phones, liquor, massage packages, furniture or cars. You set the goal, You set the rules and let Pick & Win Dry Erase Incentive Boards do the rest! 

Pick & Win with Motivational Header


 Pick & Win Dry Erase Incentive Boards with Motivational Header provide additional space to write goals and contest rules. Not only is Pick & Win a powerful motivational game but employees continually reading the positive messages at the top of the game will have an impact on their attitudes.